Writing and Training Managers in SMART objectives

Writing and Training Managers in SMART objectivesTraining managers in SMART objectives

Please also see How to Write SMART objectives. So how do we go about training managers in smart objectives?

This is always an interesting topic. the following was recently posted on a community forum:

  • “We are currently reviewing our appraisal process and have realised our line managers need training on how to set clear SMART objectives. Has anyone got any information that they have used to train managers on this area?
    I am looking for something to use that is clear and easy to understand for the managers to be able to go away and set SMART objectives during employee appraisals.
    Any help or information would be great.”

My reply to this was essentially…
Much of the material on the page mentioned above (www.rapidbi.com/smarter ) has been used at one time or another for training managers in SMART Objectives.

It all depends what type of objectives you want to train the managers in. I have found that most trainers think you can train the acronym and that is job done. Well it is not. It is a great starting point but in reality SMART is more than the acronym. It should be a tool to develop people and improve productivity. Unfortunately the SMART approach is more then just a formula that can be applied. Its more of a philosophy that takes some getting used to.

Managers need to understand the context and this needs to be a fundamental part of any training or development solution. For example managers rarely have a problem with the SMART but have problem deriving the context. In which case I would run different sessions –

  • writing SMARTer learning objectives
  • writing SMARTer performance goals… etc
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The managers ability (or inability) to write effective objectives is usually a symptom of another problem. Why do many of those involved in learning and development insist on training people on techniques when actually the problem is somewhere else? E.g. lack of clear goals, understanding of the process, wrong person without the skills, attitude?

If as professionals L&D and consultants need to get smarter themselves and stop putting plasters (Band aids) on wounds that actually need a different solution…stitches anyone?

So what will you do when training managers in SMART objectives?

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