Eight Orientations of #Innovation

What Is Your Creativity And Risk-Taking Orientation?

Creatrix innovation model & the eight orientationsMeasuring the creative sense and risk-taking orientation of individuals in organisations helps to explain why one organisation (or team) stagnates and dies, another takes excessive risks and lands in bankruptcy, and yet others are moderately to extremely successful. Understanding the eight orientations of innovation can help improve performance and change.

As the Creatrix model suggests, your creativity and risk-taking orientation can be plotted on a matrix. The vertical scale designates the degree to which you are generally a low, moderate, or high risk taker. The horizontal scale designates the degree of your creative abilities. The Creatrix Inventory is further divided into eight zones (or eight orientations), each representing a creativity/ risk-taking orientation. Although there are shades between the eight orientations—matters of degree—only the eight orientations will be described here to provide contrast, illustrations, and clarity.

The four orientations in the corners represent people who rank either extremely high or extremely low on creativity or risk taking. When the extreme types become more socialised, Sustainers (low creativity, low risk taking) may become Modifiers; Challengers (low creativity, high risk taking), Practicalizers; Innovators (high creativity, high risk taking), Synthesizers; and Dreamers (high creativity, low risk taking), Planners.

While the model and interpretations are based on only two variables of personality and behaviour. Nevertheless, they provide a window through which to examine yourself while keeping in mind the many other factors that help to make you (and your organisation) what you are.


The Eight Orientations of the Creatrix innovation model described:

Creatrix Innovation model

The Outside (or extremes) Orientations

  • Have the attitude of “do it”-if we do nothing we will lose out
  • Get excited about new ideas-most often to drive home the ideas of others
  • May take on too many ideas and can find it difficult to complete all of them
  • Usually prefer stability to change
  • Take chances only when necessary
  • Appreciate what has worked in the past. Often feel change is done for its own sake
  • Hold an organisation accountable and true to its mission
  • Are creative-constantly coming up with new ways to do things
  • Strong on ideas, not strong on how to get them accomplished
  • Can be the creative juice for the organisation, but need to partner with people who can execute the ideas
  • Have a new idea every minute
  • Always think they can figure out how they can make things happen
  • Keep an organisation off balance—not always a good thing
  • Can hit the “Grand Slam”

Inside (or social) Orientations

  • Like changes-but not too many all at once
  • Are willing to try something new, but look for the practical
  • Will come up with creative ideas but do not consider this their strength
  • Add value by making incremental improvements
  • Like to “test the waters” as a first step
  • Don’t take risks unless the benefits out weigh the current state of affairs
  • Believe that an idea has merit if it fits within the plan
  • Want information and data before making a decision or taking a risk
  • Will come up with creative ideas within known parameters
  • See possibilities in everything
  • Create by putting things together-often unusual combinations that work in new ways
  • Will drive an idea home but not at all costs-are more cautious than the Innovator

Further reading about the eight orientations:

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Find out more at www.creatrix.com or www.innovativecapacity.co.uk

The eight orientations of the Creatrix are: Sustainer, dreamer, innovator, challenger, practicalizer, modifier, planner and synthesizer


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