A Reflection on day 2 and overall of #cipd13

  It's been over 24 hours since I left Manchester and #cipd13. This has given me a while to reflect on my time and experiences at this event. Overall the sessions that I participated in were as described, and interesting (I did hear from others that this was not universally true). The presenters were good, but few were great. One of the biggest takeaways for me was the networking with the bloggers and twitterati. many of whom I have known for several years, some only "online" others at … [Read more...]

#cipd13 Day two.. the journey continues

Good Morning.Yesterday at #cipd13 was a packed and valuable day. Today I will continue my live blogging of as many events as I can. Live blog:  09.38#cipd13 session e1 Hacking HR to build an adaptable advantagea year after the concept was created and just 6 months after the launch, the cipd launch the output of this innovative online collaboration project and methodology.the nature of work is changing. some say 50% of the jobs we are doing will … [Read more...]

A personal reflection on day 1 at #cipd13 #authentic leadership #cipdhack

You may have seen from my live blog yesterday that CIPD CEO Peter Cheese opened the event. Peter has to be one of the most authentic and charismatic leaders of a professional body in the UK today. His opening pitch was honest, open and engaging. Many of the audience wishing that he stayed on and shared more of his view of the world of HR, Management and leadership.This was following by a session on Authentic Leadership (Creating the best place to work on earth), which whilst useful, the … [Read more...]

#cipd13 Annual Conference in Manchester

Welcome to Manchester in the UK. Today is the start of the CIPDs annual conference for HR & L&D professionals.As I have done in the past I will attempt to blog live from each session, highlighting some of the key points the presenters highlight. This will be live, so please expect spelling and typos. In the next few days I will return and correct. My goal is to share with you as the conference progresses Below this line will appear the content, if nothing is here please … [Read more...]

Harnessing the web to drive membership growth & value – #HTW2013 Conference

Welcome to our Live blog from HTW2013 Our members’ online needs are changing. Our online offerings need to evolve in order to more effectively drive up membership value and growth. - Memberwise Please note the content below is written live and may contain errors. Please refresh regularly to get the full comments from the day  Event programme: Embracing online opportunities’ for delivering membership excellence - George Land, Chairman, APT Solutions (09:40) RCOG - Harnessing the … [Read more...]

Day 3 – #cipd12

Good Morning.Welcome to the final day of the CIPD annual conference for 2012.Again a packed, busy day. I hope the session I attend are of interest.The text below, was written live from the blog, you can see the timestamps, please excuse any errors!16.37 #cipd12 was an awesome, engaging and motivational event – lots of learning, lots of messages, and an opportunity for chaneg for us all – thank you #petecheese and the @cipd team – until #cipd1316.36#cipd12 peter … [Read more...]

Confidence, Respect, Trust and Professionalism #cipd12

Change required for HR, Recruitment and people leadership By the end of day 2 of the annual CIPD conference, there were some underlying trends that I have been increasingly aware of and felt that rather than blog about a particular session or speaker, that these themes should not get lost between the cracks.These trends or themes include Confidence, Respect, Trust and by implication, Professionalism. Confidence Several speakers have talked about youth employment and unemployment. That … [Read more...]

Day 2 of #cipd12 Conference – Live Blog

#CIPD12 day 2 Thanks for coming back!Yesterdays experiment with the blog worked well, and was well received. So here is to day two.Day one was a great day, and I am sure I will write more substantial posts in the coming weeks, but for now I hope that this helps you.Please forgive the grammar & spelling - this blog is real time!Today's content:<<Please remember this was a live record>>17.28dealings with unions probably take 50% of my time, but they … [Read more...]

#cipd12 Welcome to the CIPD Annual Conference & Exhibition

Welcome to the annual conference of the CIPD#cipd12 On this post I will attempt to maintain a live blog throughout the conference programme. #CIPD12 Feel free to add your own comments or thoughts<<what you are reading here is a series of tweets, and the time I made them. This was live blogging in action>> #cipd12 Live blog (in Reverse order)17.16This is the end of the blog from the sessions for day one – more from me tomorrow #cipd12let me know what you think … [Read more...]

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